Sunday, February 1, 2009

STRESS ME NOT, More Stress Discussion

A big part of following a healthy lifestyle is keeping your stress level manageable. That sounds very simplistic but it's not. There are some things you can control and somethings you can't. The things you can control can be just as frustrating as the things you can't.

Has this every happened to you? You start thinking negative thoughts and before long you are snarky to everyone around you, especially the ones you care about the most. We can get our selves in a grouchy mood with little effort. The challenge is to recognize what we are doing and stop it. Sometimes you just need to lie down and relax and get away from everyone else till you are fit to be around. Even as adults we can in a sense throw a tantrum when we don't get our way about something.

Next time you get in a bad mood, do a little self analysis and figure out what is wrong that got you that way. Being in an evil mood all day because you didn't get your way about something with your spouse, will not make them more agreeable to satisfying your wants. If anything you will just end up ticking them off and get the fight you tried to pick all day. Then you are having a fight you caused because you didn't get what you wanted and now both of you are in a bad mood. That sure makes the situation better don't it.

A little self analysis and some mature communication is a whole lot better solution. Maybe you can make a compromise to what was bothering you and both of you can get on with your day. We for some reason don't just do this, we start being evil and want our significant other to guess what is bothering us. Real mature but we all do it.

The stressors that we can't directly control are often better if we apply the communication method to them also. Going directly to the source isn't always possible but getting a trusted persons opinion and thoughts can often help you get your head straight about how to handle the situation. Sometimes the feeling of just being so alone with it makes it worse. The, "It's me against the world", attitude doesn't hack it. Get it out in the air and it might not be as bad as you thought.

What does this have to do with being healthy anyway. Because we can literally make ourselves sick with stress and worry. Not to mention negative thinking makes everything we do twice as hard.

Thanks for reading.

Mellow Panda

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