Monday, February 9, 2009

Practice is the best Teacher

As a wellness coach for several friends I take the approach of being a positive example. I will not sit on the couch and say, "Do as I say, not as I do". I'm out there 4 to 6 days a week training and learning just like they are. We don't know everything there is to know about how exercise and eating properly affect the body. What we know is very positive but each of us is learning more every single workout.

There is no "average person" so following a program for the average person is never the best for you. There are all different body types and all of us are made up of a mix of those body types. There are people who are natural athletes and have the right mix of muscle tissue, of the proper type and the right body type. You know the type, they never have to workout and they look amazing and can play sports like a pro without practice. There is the old saying here worth remembering, "Hard work will beat Talent if Talent doesn't work hard".

You can not accomplish everything you aspire to but you can still shoot for that goal and enjoy the journey. Some goals are just not possible, but improvement is always possible. I want to be a world class athlete in my age group, I won't be crushed if I never achieve that but I'll surely keep after it and continue to learn as I go along. One of the nice things about following the Senior Olympics is that as you get older the goal gets easier to. So if you shoot at it long enough and keep working hard at it, you just never know what you can do.

I like, especially when just starting out, for athletes to keep a log. You can look back at your logged pages and find out a lot of things that are custom made for you. For example if you go back over your log from the last year and looked at every day you had a PR, looking at the days leading up to that PR can show you what you did to achieve it. You can also look at your worse performances and see what led to them also.

You learn everyday, you learn what works best to deal with soreness, you can see what eating plan worked the best for you. Never stop learning. The learning about your own body and how outside influences affect it are often as important that the training it's self.

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Learning Panda

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