Sunday, February 22, 2009

Caring for your Racer.

People who race cars or horses have a lot in common with those of us who race using our own bodies as the racer. A race horse or a race car both require a lot of maintenance. You have to find that thin line between best performance and breakdown. We strive for the same thing with our own bodies, the best performance.

When people have a race horse they must make sure it's groomed regularly. They monitor it's diet for best nutrition and they insure it gets the proper balance of exercise and rest. Of course the horse doesn't have a choice in the whole affair and we do. That makes it both harder since we have to do our own monitoring of our diet, rest and exercise, but also it makes it more satisfying because we reap the rewards of our own commitment and effort.

When caring for our personal racer we can take a lesson from the people whose hobby is a race car or horse. A Nascar race car isn't going to do very well if it has the wrong tires, it isn't tuned properly or the preventative maintenance isn't done. Same with us, we have to make sure we are in the proper shoe for us and they are not worn out. We need to take care of our feet, keeping them lotioned regularly and the nails trimmed. We have to use our body glide on the spots that have friction and we need to do our stretching and our strength training.

Sometimes we forget how unique and special we all are and how worth the effort we are. We are role models and we are capable of very high performance if we take care of ourselves. You wouldn't abuse your race horse by feeding it junk food and putting shoes on it that hurt it's feet. We shouldn't treat our selves that way either. When we treat our bodies properly we get amazing results back from it. When we don't we get the results of that to. We get pains and a lack of energy when we abuse our bodies.

When you make a decision to lead a healthy life style you don't have to do races but it helps to think of yourself as a fine Thoroughbred that needs to be maintained properly. Think about doing the preventative maintenance to keep your body going strong and trouble free. If you do race you will get better performance from your body if you treat it properly.

Thanks for reading.

Healthy Panda

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