Thursday, February 26, 2009

Surprise Good Times.

This morning was group walk day. I got ready and went out to the car and it was misting rain but the temperature was a pleasant 53. Drove to the park that we meet at and about half way there it started pouring rain. I was there a little early but didn't figure anyone would show since it was raining so hard. About 5 min before meeting time the rain stopped and the other walkers began to arrive. It turned out to be a perfect day and we even had a new walker join us.

When things are perfect, especially after a long winter, it seems as though you get a physical boost as well as a mental one. The pace which was faster than we normally do felt very easy. We talked and laughed and the 6 miles rolled by effortlessly. Could it be that when your having fun you don't feel the effort as much?

Last week I had a hard workout the day before the group walk and had a hard time getting through it. But that day the temperature was low 20s with some serious chill factor and there was just two of us braving the cold. That walk was a struggle. This week I also worked out hard the day before but today felt almost effortless.

I over dressed with 2 shirts and a windbreaker, it will take a few nice days to get me out of the dress for winter mode. Last week I never really warmed up but today I was nice and toasty and could have done without the Jacket.

If you don't walk with someone else right now it's worth the effort to find a walking partner. I know that everyone in our group will have better race times because of it. Even runners can enjoy a walk day every week, it's great cross training and works the muscles a little differently from the running so it helps keep you balanced.

Thanks for reading.

Walking Panda

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