Monday, February 16, 2009


We are going through a difficult time right now. We see our 401K money slipping away, we see nothing but bad news every time we turn on the news and most of us are stressing over having jobs by the end of the year. Well unfortunately we can't do anything about the situation the country and a lot of the world is in. What we can control, as we have discussed before, is our own thoughts and bodies.

Right now more than ever it's important to keep up our eating properly and exercising regularly. Setting aside the health benefits right now let's look at the other benefits. Having more energy gives us an edge over our co workers, which could make us less likely to get laid off. If the worse happened and we became unemployed we would have an edge is applying for a new job. A possible new boss is looking for an energetic, dynamic employee not someone who could barely make it up the steps and through the door.

Our health care costs are a lot lower if we are not on a half dozen different pills and getting treatments every week. I just renewed my gym membership and realized the dues for my princess and I are the same as the copay for one office visit each at our doctor. I'm a deal for the insurance company since I never have anything wrong with me besides an annual case of Panda Flu.

We can save a lot of money to since we don't have to pay to be entertained when the budget gets tight. A walk or run with our spouse or a good friend is way more fun than 20 bucks each for a movie, drink and popcorn. Some of my best memories are of especially good runs and walks with Erica or friends.

All of us know that exercise is one of the best stress relievers. There are people spending a mint for therapy when a long brisk walk with a caring friend would do them more good and be a more lasting remedy.

The choice is ours to make, stress and feel helpless or get out and move that wonderful body, a little sweat is one of natures best medicines.

Thanks for reading.

Training Panda

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