Monday, February 23, 2009

High Energy Workouts.

I have started doing more back to back workouts. This morning was 4 miles of various speeds on the treadmill followed immediately by a hard hour of running in 5 foot deep water in the pool. I was tired when I finished but my legs felt great. In addition to the running laps after every down and back I would do 10 dips on the pool corner or fifty flys using the water as resistance.

I did some of that last year with combining my LSD walk with push mowing the yard for a total of 4 to 5 hours of motion. That worked really well so I'm expanding on that concept this year. Those long days last year were low intensity this year I'm going to a lot of back to back higher effort workouts. I'll be doing 2 a week, one high intensity and one low intensity like last year.

I will of course report regularly how this is going. Those that have been reading for a while know that an unexpected benefit of the push mowing, before I had used a rider, was that I cured a chronic Achilles tendon problem.

We don't all there is to know about exercise and performance, and we are all an experiment of one. As I get in better physical condition I've noticed that I seem to age less quickly than one would expect. This is true of the guys and gals my age who I compete and train with.

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High Energy Panda

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