Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Real Food Eating Plan

One of the simplest ways to start eating better is to eat only real food. That sounds like silly, but a lot of stuff people consume is made up of chemicals to give it a texture and taste but has no food value what so ever except for the sugar that's in it. Soft drinks are a classic example, even diet soda. Diet Soda doesn't have the sugar for calories, it has nothing in it but chemicals and water.

Along with eating real food is preparing it properly without adding fat and sugar. Avoid anything deep fried, I don't eat fried anything except during vacation when I will allow myself to enjoy the comfort foods, fries, fried fish ect... Well I went to Disney and enjoyed the comfort food to the tune of putting on 10 lbs. Yep your body will add that comfort food to the fat cells that you worked so hard to empty.

When you order off the menu make sure you get your food without those cream sauces and glazes, ask for a marinara sauce instead of the cream or Alfredo sauce. Crispy or Southern Style means fried. If you are especially hungry at lunch, I work out in the mornings so I'm starved by lunch, ask for extra veggies instead of getting the dinner size of the meat. All you can eat soup and salad is a good choice also if you avoid the high calorie soups like New England Clam Chowder or the Cheese soups. Salad dressing should be a fat free and on the side so you can add it yourself.

When you snack, choose food over chemicals. Nuts, veggies and fruits are good choices, avoid the products that are a mix of sugar and chemicals. Cereals are another good place to make sure you are getting real grains. Read the ingredients in the product you are considering, see if it meets the real food criteria, When the first, which is what the product contains the most of, isn't a food, It's not food.

Lots of things might sound like they are good for you, Fruit Roll ups, "Contains a full serving of real fruit", advertising is geared these days to make the non foods sound like real healthy stuff.

Just being cautious about what you put in your mouth can be the best plan, beats counting calories.

Thanks for reading.

Hungry Panda

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