Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This message is for the guys so princesses don't look. I've been on the planet long enough to learn a few things about women. They are as unpredictable as we are predictable. But there are times when they can be very predictable. Today is one of those days. It doesn't matter what you spend, a fuzzy bear to hug is every bit as good as a diamond something. But you had better give her something to let her know you care about and love her.

Gifts don't even have to be traditional, a dinner at somewhere with atmosphere and a moonlight walk, strolling hand in hand, will make you a hero. But a new toaster or steam iron will not get you any points. If you need a new toaster, buy it on any other day except today or her Birthday. That is another day women put a lot of stock in. So a new vacuum cleaner isn't a good Birthday choice either.

Laughter is a wonderful gift also, take her to a good comedy movie or if you can stand it a Chick Flick together is a good choice. There are worse things than her pretty head on your shoulder and your arm around her as you laugh together or cry together depending on the movie. Just any movie won't do it has to make you feel good to watch. Predator Vs Alien wouldn't be a good choice unless your squeeze is a big SiFi buff.

An afternoon trip to a little coffee house is an awesome idea, must have atmosphere and you have to order her something decadent, today is not the day to order the decaf and the fat free creamer. If your princess has a little extra fluff, today is not the day to remind her of that. It's a day to say "Your just breath taking the way you are".

Everyone enjoy today and guys makes some points with your lady, you just might need them the next time you screw up.

Thanks for reading.

Happy panda

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