Monday, February 23, 2009

Training for 3 day event.

Sue is planning one of those 3 day Breast Cancer Walks. Those are low intensity but still can take a toll on your body. When you are doing an event like that your over all fitness level is the important factor.

The best way to train is of course to get in some good walk training at a LSD, (Long Slow Distance) pace. But also adding as much activity as possible to your day. In in a mind set of making everything harder instead of easier. Do things like park as far as you reasonably can from shopping and work instead of parking as close as you can. Use steps when you can. At your breaks go to the restroom or water fountain that is as far away from where you work as you can.

Along with training your body to stay active start training it to eat several small meals instead of the normal two or three bigger ones. That way you have a supply o fuel for your body to work with all day instead of having it all at once.

Padding in your shoes is going to be important. Make sure you have good running shoes fitted to you and plenty padded. This is not the time for wearing racing shoes. For an event like this you need support and cushioning.

Of course if you have needed to shed a few pounds of extra fluff, this is a good time to do it. A case of soft drinks or beer weighs 10 lbs, so if you are carrying 20 extra lbs that's 2 cases of drinks you are carrying along with you.

In the evening when you stop, give yourself or trade up with a friend for massages. A stick (massage tool) is good and they make a travel size. I usually take a couple of Advils after a hard day when I have another the next day. I do the Goofy Challenge at Disney, that's a half on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday.

Good luck with your event Suzie.

Thanks for reading.

Cheering Panda

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sweetsue said...

Thank you for you advice oh mighty
panda...I read what you do at the gym and think my goodness that man is
a machine...and I am a wimp...but I have until July to whip this old girl
into shape..I have gotten two girls
at work to join me so goal
is a team of 5..wish me luck and again thanks for you advice Dave..will plan a daily workout and
run it by you and see what you think