Friday, February 13, 2009

Daily Focus

I just finished reading an article in the Runner's World magazine about, of all things someone running. He was one of those who got right out of bed and pulled on running stuff and headed right out the door. The runner described how yucky it felt at first but how by the time he was done how good he was feeling.

I have a different method completely to my morning exercise. I get up and take the dogs out. I wonder a circuit of the back yard with them waking up and getting the nights kinks out of my muscles and tendons. Then when I get back to the house I have a breakfast of cereal with a banana and skim milk, and heat up a cup of coffee. I have a large glass of water with a multi vitamin. I spend the next hour catching up with my email and the forums I follow and contribute to, while I have my coffee. This is the same routine I follow most mornings, even on race days.

By keeping a regular routine in the mornings, by the time I've had my coffee and both relaxed and woke up, I'm ready to get out and get my workout done. I prepare each day for my exercise. I don't look at it as just a necessary evil but as an important part of my day. Yes of course there are days I want to skip it and just stay on the couch and relax till it's time for work, but by making exercise an important part of the day and preparing for it, those days are not often.

One of the problems with jumping right out of bed and going for me is that it's not a pleasant experience. To me that's like ripping a band aid off so all the hurt is over quickly, or jumping right in the cold water so you get used to it quicker. I would rather make the exercise a fun and positive experience. Sometimes I plan exactly what I'm going to do, but often I just get started and go form there. If I'm feeling really strong I'll push it and get in a hard workout, but if I'm feeling tired I'll just keep it comfortable like an LSD walk instead.

The important thing for me though is that I look forward to my workout time. I prepare for the exercise each day so it's all positive and I feel energized from the first step, not a half hour into it. I know this method doesn't work for everyone they feel they have to jump right in the cold water and get it over with and get on with their life. I feel like the hour or to of sweat and effort are an important part of my life and something to be savored, not something to get through as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading.

Training Panda

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sweetsue said...

I agree 100%...I wake up slow..need a least a hour before my work out then I am ready to go..but part of what the runner said is true..I feel
yucky at first but I always have a high after I am done