Saturday, January 31, 2009

Name Dropping

We are all an experiment of one and we all react a little differently to exercise, eating and the way our daily life affects us. But when good successful people tell you something you should listen. I have had the opportunity to hear a lot of very intelligent people give heir opinions and ideas about training and life in general.

One of my core beliefs is that to be successful in an endurance sport you shouldn't do all your training in that sport but add a lot of cross training that complements your sport but also builds the rest of your muscles to balance your body. The value of this type of training is becoming more and more accepted all the time. For example few marathoners run more than a hundred miles a week any more, but they but in as much time cross training as they used to spend on the road. The times getting faster every year are testament that it's working.

When I was a young Sgt stationed at England AFB, I had a chance to take a run and chat with Bruce Jenner, who had just won Olympic gold. He was touring and giving talks at military bases and universities. He said, "I'm a runner but I do a lot of training in the pool". This was cutting edge thinking in the early 70s.

I had a chance to talk with Denise Austin, who is famous for core (tummy) work, this was back before core training was the buzz phrase that it is now. She was a big believer, just as I am now in the benefit of tightening your abs, holding for 10 sec, releasing and repeating, is one of the best tummy tamers. As she puts it, "your tummy has to be somewhere so it might as well be tucked in and not hanging loose".

From Covert Bailey, I learned about how the body manages fat cells, and heard it in terms that I could understand. I learned that the body will make more but the ones that are there will not be removed, only emptied like little storage sheds and that once you have them it's easy for the body to fill them.

I've spent my life listening to people who knew much more than I do and remembering what they say. Now when I get an email like I did this morning from a fellow forum team member who said, "I was watching a commercial about Hydroxycut fat burner and realized I looked worse than their before pictures". I can pass on knowledge I've acquired and help them get back on a positive plan to accomplish their goals and not just give up.

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