Friday, January 16, 2009

Marathon aftermath, Keep Moving Forward

Today was day 5 since the marathon so time to get started again. Today was pool running and stretching. Last year I had Achilles tendon problems following the race and it was the end of march before I could begin training again. This year my Achilles was a little sore along with the bottoms of my feet but all in all I feel great. For those of you who were following my blog last year you know that using the push mower instead of the rider strengthened and stretched my bad Achilles till it was much stronger and didn't hurt any more.

The idea way to train for a half or full marathon is to do progressively longer walks/runs once each week or every other week till you are doing about 20 to 22 miles a month prior to the show. We didn't have the opportunity to do that this year and several of our DisneyRunning team were in the same boat. The ones who stayed active and walked/ran when they could, Even if it was only 3 to 5 milers did very well. This is by no means a scientific experiment but the results were positive. Time in motion seems to take the place of total miles if that is all you can get.

Robert finished his Goofy with a longest walk in training of 10.5 miles. Scott did his Goofy and first marathon to with the majority of his training around 3, 4 and 5 miles. My lady and I did ours with a longest walk of 10 miles which we did three times. I could continue but all are the same story. This year has been bitter cold and most of us had difficult work schedules as well. So the training wasn't idea or text book but we pulled through.

My plans are for good stretching and low miles for a few weeks along with weight training. Then after a month I'll start adding a longer walk each week. I would like to follow a real plan instead of winging it this year. We are signed up for the 2010 Goofy which is a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon the next day. 2010 is also the year I have to win at state again if I want a second shot at the National Senior Olympics in 2011.

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