Monday, January 26, 2009

New Training Thread

We have a new training thread on the Forum called, "Train our Prince and Princess":

This is a learning thread for the eventual personal training and wellness coaching available at PandaEndurance. We are taking 2 recreational athletes who have never done a Goofy Challenge and designing a program custom built for them. Their program will include weight training, cross training, walking./running plan and nutrition. We will follow their training with them in this thread.

Everyone knows that training can be hard, complicated and lead to injury, or it can be easy, fun and get you through your goal. The difference is in how you train and your attitude. We hope to make this an easy and fun program for them to follow and see them finish the 2010 Goofy.

So many people start out to make changes in their lifestyle and begin their journey to better health and fitness. Having help along the way can make the difference between success and failure. Just a little motivation can make a world of difference. Actually having a guide for the journey can, I think, ensure that goals can be exceeded.

Please feel welcome to join in this member participation adventure with comments, questions and suggestions.

Thanks for reading.

Training Panda

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