Thursday, January 22, 2009

How we choose to see our world

Do you have someone you know who you just love to be around? Someone who is so bubbly happy that you wonder sometimes what the heck they are taking? Someone that is just so excited about living that each day is a new adventure and a new opportunity. I'm sure most of you know someone like that. The funny thing is they don't have any more than you do, so why are they so darn happy all the time. Maybe because they live in a different world than you do.

If you have a smile on your face and feel love in your heart then people see you differently and respond to you differently. Try it, put that smile on and see what happens. The world around you really does change. It's amazing, like the old saying goes, "You get back what you give out". If you have a frown or sad face on that is how people react to you. But when you smile and look like you are a friendly, happy person, people respond in kind.

A person can walk into a room full of people with a big smile and everyone responds back with smiles and cheerfulness, but go in with a frown and it's a whole different place. Am I foolish enough to believe that our attitude can affect other people and how they respond to us, yep, sure am. I live that theory. People I work with often say to me, "you are the happiest person I know". I don't sit around taking about other people, no time for idle gossip, I start meaningful discussions when we are not busy at work. Shoot we have discussed some wonderful topics and kept conversations going for days, taking up where we left off the day before.

When you are doing your walking or running, keep that smile going. People will just ignore you as you go by if you have a blank expression but flash them a smile and you will get one right back, I guarantee it. It amazes me how much a persons face brightens when they smile. I walk in "The Bad" area of town, but when I go by the people sitting out on their porches I get smiles and waves because I have been giving them since day one.

Try it today, flash that smile and mean it. See if it's a different world today than it was yesterday. Then decide which world you want to live in. We all have our bills to pay and our trials to endure but they don't have to control our lives.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Panda

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