Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weather Fun

Mother nature likes to remind us ever now and then that we are not as far out of the stone age as we think we are. We had an ice storm yesterday that knocked out power and of all things, cell phones. The towers were down from the weight of the ice. It pretty well brought us to a stand still here. You realize just how venerable you really are when you are without power, phone service and the roads are to slick to drive on. Our strength, health and general wellness is still our best defense against whatever mom nature throws at us. For that matter what ever life throws at us.

Life can be an adventure or a trial, depends on your attitude. I stopped at the bank on the way home from the gym today and the teller, an older lady was taking about how horrible it was out there and how much she hated having to get out today in the snow and ice to go to work. I said you got here ok right, and it's a day you will remember always, since this kind of weather is so rare here. she said "Yea I guess so, it was kinda interesting and kept me on my toes driving". I wouldn't choose this type of weather but the snow and ice is very beautiful and it does as she said keep you on your toes.

Days like today give you a healthy respect for our northern friends that deal with the weather every year and keep on doing just fine. Heck they even have fun stuff to do in it like curling and ice skating. A person in good health will do just fine no matter where they live. The secret is in the staying healthy. The cold requires some safety cautions just as hot climates do. Frost bite and heat exhaustion will both take their toll on you. But being strong and healthy will help keep you safe no matter what your environment is like.

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