Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Higher Level

I was discussing with a co-worker yesterday about the higher quality of life that people who follow a healthy lifestyle lead. We live in an area where the problems of obesity and heart disease are the worst in a nation where being over weight and living on medications is becoming the norm.

I have been giving her efficient walking tips for quite a while and she really enjoys exercising. She had, earlier this year finally convinced her hubby to start getting into shape. He started working with a personal trainer, mostly doing weights. He started walking to work also, 2 miles each way.

They did the Turkey Trot with me on Thanksgiving morning. She walking the walk race and he running in the run race. Well he did amazingly well, he did the 3.1 mile 5K in 19 min and a few seconds. He certainly has talent as a runner to have a time like that on a tough trail course.

We have talked often about how there is way more to each of us that we can ever imagine, until we push our limits. This fellow has a chance to be a very good competitive runner with some real training. This was such a wonderful example of how we don't know how good we can be at something till we step up to the plate and take our swing.

I hope I have helped get this couple hooked on the joys of fitness and one of it's rewards, competition. They are planning the Nashville country music half marathon now as a goal for next year. This couple are both teachers and have been eating healthy, now exercise is taking them to the next level of health.

Here is a Panda Theory, no studies have ever been done. Plants, take in carbon dioxide and "breathe out" Oxygen. So in areas like parks and forests where there are lots of trees and other plants, the Oxygen level is higher and purer than along the road where the cars are taking in the Oxygen and putting out carbon dioxide as well as a bunch of other smelly gasses. So if you can exercise in wooded areas the quality of the air you are breathing is much better. With better quality air, you get more out of an exercise session because you are cleansing your body as well as exercising it.

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Healthy Panda

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