Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finding a Surprise Inspiration

I had a most wonderful experience today. I was kinda feeling sorry for myself a little because I have that cold. Then early afternoon a woman in a wheel chair came in to get glasses. She had had a stroke and was recovering from it. She had gained some weight because of her not being very mobile, but her attitude was so bright and positive that it quickly cheered me up. She was determined that she was going to fully recover, get her weight back down and get on with living. As we have talked about before you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad. This wonderful lady had certainly chose to be happy.

It got me thinking, it's usually the people that have had real setbacks or those that have the least that we never hear complain. It's those of us that have a boo boo or in my case a cold that do the whinning. I guess when you have had a real life changing illness or injury that you realize how glad you are just to be alive and grateful for what you have.

I knew a lady from the walking site forum, who had a rare illness. She had to much pressure in her spinal fluid, this gave her constant migraine headaches. Every day for a couple of years she had endured this condition and had to undergo painful procedures regularly to relieve the pressure, which quickly built back up. I asked her one time how she managed, how did she cope, what kept her going. She said "She went to sleep every night with the Hope that tomorrow would be better". In addition she said, "I wake every morning determined I will get well". She still has her illness and only her faith and her "I won't give in" attitude keeps her going.

I hadn't thought about her for a year or so but the positive attitude of this lady today made me think of her. I have the deepest respect for people who, dispite their own challanges they find the strength to not only meet those challanges head on but inspire others with their positive attitudes. Maybe we could all learn from those kind of wonderful people who won't let anything steal their joy for living.

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