Friday, November 7, 2008

Brand New Attitude

What if today you made a decision that from this day forward you would be wearing a brand new attitude. You chose to look at yourself and the world around you with a whole new confidence. What if today you chose to do everything you do with a new passion.

We are all equal, money, power, looks or skills does not make one person better than another. What those things do make us is different and unique. We need that to keep things interesting. We can't all be champions at our sports or hobbies but we can be healthy, happy role models to others. I saw a report on the news this morning, while I was walking on the treadmill that said most people fear exercising in public because they don't feel worthy to be seen with more fit people. So some Golds Gyms have put in a dark room with the cardio machines and a movie playing. So people can watch the movie while exercising and not feel self conscious about being seen because it's dark in the room.

George Sheehan, a Runner's World writer and Heart Doctor said, "We are all athletes, some of us have just been training longer than others". I agree with that statement and whole heartily believe that everyone who is trying to improve their health deserve respect and support. If you look at yourself as a work of art in progress instead of a disaster needing a miracle you will perform better and feel better about what you are doing.

Is it time for you to find a new "Hell Yeah" attitude? Is it time to start looking at yourself as not better or worse than anyone else but an equal to everyone. Is it time to crank up your mojo to a higher level and start being passionate about whatever you do.

It's amazing how fast you can improve and progress when you have your head on straight. An old sales saying is that before you start your day "give yourself a checkup from the neck up". Which of course means if your attitude is not right fix it before you face the world. You can chose to be happy and positive, chose it before you head out for the day.

I have had to do that from time to time and it works. If I'm feeling negative nothing is right and working out or anything else I try to do is 10 times as hard as it should be.

Thanks for reading.

Positive Panda


denise said...

Funny I didn't read today's blog until I posted my miles and your talking about the treadmill. Yes I did have to resort to using it but I was safe and near a bathroom two very important features.

Days on the weekend with no snow and above 20 will be outside but I think night time walks will me limited, Well at least in about 21 days I can do my miles in WDW we'll be there the week after Thanksgiving. Ya Hoo.

Team Panda Endurance said...

We go to Gatlinburg Tenn in the Smokies for a week in december to do our final 20 miler for the marathon.

It was pouring rain so the treadmill was a much better choice than the road.