Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rolling with the Punches.

Last night's election results upset me because I didn't agree with a lot of the campaign issues of the winner. Especially the share the wealth idea, I have always believed in the American dream that hard work and determination would carry you through life. I have believed that and had a few setbacks and had to make compromises, but for the most part it has worked well to keep my lady and I moving forward and upward. I was raised with the Southern attitudes and bigotries of race and have spent my life consciously trying to make sure that didn't affect my feelings, so the part about Obama being black wasn't the issue for me that it is for a lot of folks. But we live in a democracy and the people have made their choice and I will support that and hope that my fears are not realized.

We often have to make the best of situations that don't go our way. When I was in the Air Force I wanted to be a commissioned officer very badly. I went to night collage classes and got my degree in Social Psychology and Counseling. When I started going to school I was planning on getting a degree in engineering. After a few upper level math classes I decided that I hated them but loved the classes dealing with people, so I switched majors. Well by the time I graduated and had my package ready to submit for commissioning, we started the force reduction in the military services. Commissioning was closed to all career fields except engineers and scientists, for enlisted personal seeking commissioning. So I made the decision to just become the best NCO I could be. I applied for First Sgt duty, which is the top enlisted position in a military unit. I was selected for it and must have done well because before I retired I was picked to be on the team to write the manual for First Sgts.

I have had many of those compromises to my plans and each time a new direction has been forced on me it has worked out ok. I think that part of maturity is realizing that some things are out of reach and out of your control. On the other hand there are usually good alternatives. I know that I can never be a movie star like Harrison Ford and make wonderful adventure movies
but I can have adventures of my own. I can never be an important world leader but I can help a few people realize that there is more to them than they realize.

We have a some interesting times ahead of us and a positive attitude and believing in our selves will make things workout ok.

Thanks for reading.

Positive Panda

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