Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weight training side effects

Three weeks ago I started a regular weight training routine, specifically to make sure I didn't have any imbalances in my leg muscles and to get some regular upper body work. In addition I wanted to see if that would take the place of some of the longer distance walks in prep for the marathon in January. I'm doing 2 weight training days a week, Monday and Wednesday.

Well, I have noticed that I'm more tired in the evenings and tend to sleep later. I usually don't use an alarm clock because I wake refreshed between 5am and 6am. Since I started the weight training I'm sleeping till a little after 7am. I'm also ready for bed by 10pm instead of my normal 10:30 to 11pm. At first I thought I was just fighting off one of the many cold viruses that are going around.

When you workout with weights, more so than with other exercise, you tear down your muscle tissue and then with rest rebuild stronger than it was. I wonder if this is what is going on? I still do the walk training and the weights are an addition. But I did cut walk time in direct proportion to the time I spend on the weight training.

I'm doing the required dietary changes: adding a little more lean protein, drinking more water and taking my electrolyte tabs to keep from cramping. Every workout is still followed by a good stretching routine.

I really didn't expect these changes in my sleep habits since I was already working out hard. But I'm progressively advancing my training and this was the next step. I guess the weight work really is the next level of training. I read a lot about training theory both mainstream and the unique. Most of the world class athletes have training unique to them, but there are some things that are practiced by almost all, weight training is one of those.

The muscles that are not specific to walk training are of course the ones that work the hardest when weight trained. These muscles are the ones I have to be the most careful with and bring them along slower. They are also probably the ones that are getting the most benefit from it, and the ones requiring the most recovery. I guess having to sleep an extra hour in the morning is a small price to pay for advancing to the next level.

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