Saturday, November 15, 2008

Being all you can be.

There was an old US Army recruiting slogan: Join the Army be all you can be. I really like that slogan, it says volumes. But you don't have join the Army to expand your horizons. You only have one life there are no replays or do overs, don't leave this earth with regrets of what could have been.

Have you ever sat down and thought about your life? Most of us don't really look at how things are, we just keep on going and doing the same things year after year. We never really look at our life from a perspective of what would we change if we had the opportunity.

Here is a thought to think on if you choose to do so: If January 1st, the traditional day of making resolutions, really was the first day of the rest of your life what would you change. A lot of people make heart felt resolutions to make changes but they usually go back to the way things were pretty quickly. What would make this year special and make your desires become reality.

To start with you could decide what you like and dislike about your life and how you could change what you don't like. You can write down goals you would like to accomplish. We can't accomplish everything, but we don't know what we are capable of till we push our limits a bit.

Becoming healthier is well within the capabilities of each of us. We can be leaner and stronger and faster and more flexible than we are now, those are things we can do. With a strong healthy body we can do things that we thought were impossible for us before. That strong healthy body is there waiting for each of us to make the decision to own it. As with all things worth having there is a price to pay, a cost, dues that must be paid. That cost is making a decision and a commitment. The dues are believing every day that you are worth the effort. The price is making the right choices every day.

You can make a whole list of excuses why you can't live a healthy lifestyle:

My family won't support me.

I would feel embarrassed to exercise in public.

I don't have the will power.

I don't have the time to exercise.

I can't eat differently from my family.

You can go on and on with reasons why not. Or you can decide that these are just what they are just excuses and not real reasons. Tell your family you are going to start living healthier and ask for their support. Take each of your excuses and deal with them. Don't let them be roadblocks to your destiny.

Thanks for reading.

Committed Panda

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