Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We don't celebrate the holidays they way most do. Since my princess works most of them and we both work the weekends. Thanksgiving is another work day for her after we share a nice dinner together. But her work is with people who are fighting for their lives against disease and injury, they are more scared than they have ever been and so she is needed there.

For the other holidays we decided some time back to do trips instead of presents. So in two weeks we go to Gatlinburg for our anniversary gift to each other. That also gives us a chance to get in some good training for the January Disney Marathon. The Disney trip is our Christmas gift to each other. For so many years we gave each other stuff that we usually didn't need or ever used. The trips are wonderful memories and when we combine a trip with a race we get a healthy vacation were we don't feel guilty about eating a little to much.

I did a local 3K walk race this morning. It's a race to support a scholarship to WKU for a young runner. This was the 22nd annual running of this event. The awards were not what most races are but the race was fun and a good chance to be with friends, the less spent on awards the more can go to the cause. The course is on crushed limestone, which looks like kitty litter, and grass. This kind of surface make you glad most races are on the road surface.

This is an unusual holiday in that it started as a celebration of surviving a years worth of hardships. A lot of us can sure identify with this year's holiday, it's been a rough year for most folks. To say thank goodness this year is behind us and we can hope the next year is better is a great reason to celebrate.

A lot of you are recovering from injury or surgery, to correct injuries. This next year will be better and find you stronger. Proper stretching and strength building as well as maintaining an ideal weight is our best defense against having to take down time to recover from our body having a breakdown.

Everyone have a wonderful day filled with love and a future that's bright with promise.

Thanks for reading.

Thankful Panda

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