Monday, November 17, 2008

Out of Control

We have talked often about how our own body and our actions are all we really have control over. Well here lately that fact is being drilled into us big time. We just went through a period where gas went from around $2.00 a gallon to over $4.00 a gallon to now where it's down to $1.78 a gallon. The stock market is just stupid right now and we are in real danger of having a disaster in the whole worlds economy. Makes you wanna shake your head and say "What the hell just happened"?

We can't control anything past our nose. It's a fact of life and we might as well accept it. We can do what we can to be prepared and try to be the best influence we can for others but we can only make our own decisions.

We need to have control of something, it helps define who we are and what we believe in. We can control what kind of example we are to others and we can control how we react to the ups and downs in our lives. We can control how we react to temptations. Those temptations are there all the time and we get stronger every time we make the right decisions.

Today think about what you do and don't have any control over. The things we can control are valuable to our well being and happiness. Think about what you control and how you can make you better. Set some good obtainable goals and work toward accomplishing them. These are the easy ones because these are the things you control. Now think about things you can't control but are important to you. Your children and your life partner are not controllable but you can with your examples and actions guide them and help them.

Lots of stuff in our lives are not controllable, way more than we can control but we can do our best to exert our influence over those things. Like you can choose not to support products you don't agree with like tobacco, you can't stop people from smoking but you can only support restaurants that don't allow smoking. I know that sounds like a little thing but if more of us did the "Little things", we could make a big difference.

Thanks for reading.

Happiness Panda

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