Monday, November 3, 2008

Keeping on Keeping on.

I'm going through a post vacation blues day. This is my first day off since we came back and all the neglected housework is looming. My energy level is at the go back to bed stage. In addition we have a new puppy whose favorite food is a throw rug. So I decided to stop on here and visit for a little bit and relax with happy thoughts before I got my day started.

Sometimes when we have a lot of stuff demanding attention we forget that we can only do one thing at a time so we must tackle it the way you would eat an elephant, "One bite at a time". I have been meaning to get new throw rugs anyway so after the puppy is through teething would be a good time.

I have a dear friend who lives in the northern Maine woods and during the winter she works, takes care of a farm and herds two children, as well and exercises regularly and is working on a personal trainer certification. She would laugh if I told her I was stressing doing floors and herding a puppy. She is 5' nothing and a ball of energy. I draw inspiration from her often.

The world will keep on turning no matter what I decide to do today so I need to keep it in perspective. Often we think things like chores are more important than they are. I'll just do a good job on each room and then take a short break before going to the next. Having a house is a blessing and not a curse, it really is. But today is a day that I have to choose to do what I need to do and not what I want to do.

I want to encourage everyone to vote tomorrow. There is an old saying "If you are in charge and things are not the way you want them it's your fault". We are a democracy which means we the citizens are in charge. We have the power to elect the person we want to run the government, this is an important election, make your voice heard.

Thanks for reading.

Busy Panda

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Lisa said...

Hey, I am 5'4", losing every year, but not quite at the 5 nothing yet!!!!

Love ya Dave!