Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where have you been??

It's hard to tell how far you have come unless you know where you started. Take a few minutes today and figure out where you are.

Start with a a blank page in your journal or diary. Put down in print exactly how you are feeling. List any medications you are taking. Write down anything that is bothering you, like current life issues. Part of becoming healthier is lowering your stress level so put down the things that are stressing you right now.

Write down your current weight. Get a measuring tape and measure: thighs, calves, hips, waist, chest and biceps flexed. When you measure your waist measure it relaxed and tightened as much as you can. Put down your current sizes in clothes, also how a size feels, if you are bearly squeezing into a size don't count that size, make it the current size that is comfortable.

List your personal best times for what distances you have done. Write down the longest walk/run or walkrun that you have done. If you have been lifting put down the current weight you are using for each body part.

Last if you can take a picture of yourself and log it in your documents in it's own folder.

Now you have a base for where you are. Every month, pick a day that works for you and take all the measurements again. Write down how you feel and update all the things you listed in your last entry. Then take a new picture and put it in the folder.

Changing the things you want to change takes time and until you get a good handle on your progress you really can't tell if you are accomplishing anything. You need to see your progress for several reasons. To start with it helps motivate you to see results. Tracking your progress helps you see where you need to tweek your exercise plan. Finally monitoring your results help you realize that your work is really making a difference, your selfestem needs that monthly boost.

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