Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adventure Living

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is planning adventures. Most of the people in our country are not fit enough to have real adventures. Their vacations and hobbies are going somewhere and being entertained. They spend their whole lives going from one place to sit to another. They get off the couch to the car to the chair at work. So when vacation time comes it is going somewhere different and pretty to sit.

When you are strong and fit and limber you have infinitely more options. Vacations should be some of our best memories, a real escape from the day to day norm. My princess and I go on vacations that involve walking races and wilderness adventures. We go to the mountains to walk the trails and perpare for our next marathon. We meet wonderful like minded people at Walt Disney World for some awesome endurance events and fellowship.

We lead good interesting lives and can't complain at all. But a few times a year we have to shake up the norm and let our hair down and test our limits. Once you become fit you need to get a little excitement. Laying on the beach for a week will have you running screaming into the night.

Part of your goals for the future should include fun stuff to do with your new body that you worked so hard to obtain. If you haven't tried a long event like a half or full marathon, they are something you should consider trying. Just about anywhere you go you can find ways to challenge your self. The ocean offers sailing and snorkelling. We love beach walking, and finding places off the beaten path. The mountains have rafting, hiking and even riding those horrid horses. Horses and I don't bond well. Make your vacations an adventure that will let you escape and leave you recharged and ready not just bored and rested.

Having an active hobby is another way to compliment your healthy life style. We walk but there are lots of active hobbies that can become part of your exercise. Golfing without a cart, or even the new DiskGolfing are great active sports. Of course running and biking are super ways to stay in shape. Joining a city sports team like a softball team or bowling leave can be great fun and a way to meet interesting people. Dancing classes for ballroom dancing are getting popular, it's like dancing with the stars dancing.

Look around for ways to test your new body, sports and adventure are not just for children anymore.

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