Saturday, October 4, 2008

For every choice a consequence.

I know you have heard that phrase many times before but there is a world of truth in it and it bares repeating often. Every choice we make puts into motion a lot of factors that can affect every part of us.

When you make a choice to start living a healthy lifestyle, life as you know it will change. You give up a whole world of feel goods and taste goods and force yourself to come to gripes with who you are and what you are capable of. You give up those days of bless sitting on the soft couch, being entertained by a TV show with built in laughter so you know when something was funny. You have your chips and your soda, your feet up and your mind closed.

Part of that closed mind is not noticing anymore what you look like in the bathroom mirror, from the neck down. It's tuning out the part of you that wants to have adventures and get dirty. You close your mind to the thoughts that are in the back of your mind that every little ache in your body scares you that your lifestyle is catching up to you. Is that little pain in your chest a muscle soreness from something you did or is it something else.

When you make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle, you will affect the people around you also. Someone who you do everything for might have to start doing some things for themselves so you can have time to exercise. They will have to start paying you back for what you have been doing for them. Make no mistake a person who decides to change their life needs a support group, you need a cheering section not a temptation group.

You have to tell your support group what you need from them and thank them in advance for being on your team. If you are quitting smoking or quitting the donuts at the office, ask your coworkers not to offer you any and don't try to talk you into failing. Misery loves company and you don't need someone to say, "Awe come on just one won't hurt you". Yes just one does hurt you, because you get weaker every time you give in. But you get stronger everytime you resist.

We all know the good benefits of a healthy lifestyle, you become a better you, in everything from how well you sleep to how much better you are in any activity. But there are consequences and you need to make a mental contract with yourself that you are willing to pay those dues.

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Healthy Panda

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