Friday, October 3, 2008

Unplanned Activity

A good friend showed me a link to an article about how much better you will do in the burning calories war if you just stay off the couch more. Sounds like a no brainer but usually we don't think much about that. We do a planned activity like a walk, run or class and then think that sitting on the couch the rest of the evening is fine.

In reality you can get a lot of extra exercise type stuff done without having to plan extra time for it. Women have traditionally done the house work, well guys that is a great extra workout. Especially things like pushing the vacuum and sweeping or mopping. Tighten your abs and get a good stretch with each stroke of the sweeper, it gives you a good stretch and light workout for your whole upper body. You can do lots of bending and stretching and squats with dusting, tightened your abs while your doing it and it can be as good as a light stretching routine.

Showering gives you a chance to concentrate on tightening your abs as hard as you can while you wash. There is an exercise called waist vacuuming: you tighten your abs as though you were trying to touch your belly button to your backbone, tighten as hard as you can hold for 10 seconds, release and repeat till your shower is over. When you are standing in front of the mirror shaving brushing your teeth ect.. is another good time to do the waist vacuuming exercise, each time you do it is as good as a crunch.

When you are at work, even if you work at a desk, you can get in extra steps. Start with parking at the far end of the parking lot from where you work, so you walk further. Use the restroom that is farthest from your office so you have to go more steps to get there and back. When it's break time, walk outside. Get some water instead of a soda and get some sun, the light of the sun is proven to revitalize you when you have been inside under artificial light for a while. Like plants we were designed to live in the sun not in a lighted cave.

Even sitting in the car driving you can massage your quads or squeeze the seering wheel like it was one of those hand squeezey strengthers. Pushing your head against the back of the head rest is a good massage and strengthening exercise for your neck.

Not only will things like this burn more calories and give you extra toning work but it makes the time go faster at work or when you are doing mondane tasks.

Thanks for reading.

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