Monday, October 6, 2008

Finding Time for Walking

This morning we did one of those perfect time saving plans. We had an appointment to take our car in to the dealership for service. We made the appointment for early morning and wore our walking clothes. We dropped the car off and took off ourselves. I've gone for appointments like this and sat and waited, and waited and waited, using up a good portion of my day off to get something done. Today we had a wonderfull walk in a new area with some nice hills to challange us. By the time we were done with our 8 miles the car was ready.

This is just an example of how my lady and I have restructured our lives to make them more exercise friendly. In the case of dealerships they always have a shuttle to take you somewhere if you want to say; go take care of something that is several miles away and then walk back from there, or if you want to go to a really cool place to walk and have them pick you up when you are done.

Another way you can turn an inconvience into an exercise opportunity is when you are waiting for something to be delivered. Arrange for them to call you when they are about a half hour from your house and and you can walk the neighborhood till they call and then you have plenty of time to get home. They usually say they will be there within a morning or afternoon so that way you are not sitting in the house waiting.

When you are meeting a friend for lunch that you haven't seen for a while, plan to meet somewhere that you can take a walk together. You can both get some exercise and chat and catch up while you are walking in a peacefull area. It will be an even better memory that way.
Even when you are just on your on lunch break, a short walk after eating will revive you from the morning and keep you from feeling so tired in the afternoon.

Even though most of us have busy lives if we give it some thought we can come up with ways to get our steps in. A workout is a workout whether it's planned or if you just took advantage of a situation. It's a good idea to keep a pair of old walking shoes in the car just in case something comes up where you get an unexpected opportunity.

Thanks for reading.

Busy Panda


Lisa said...

Perfect Panda post. How often I take my daughter to practice with my son in tow and plant him in a convenient spot on the side of the track, leave him with a snack and some toys and do my workouts this way. I can keep an eye on him, get my workout in and still be there in time to pick her up after practice. Sometimes, you just have to be creative to make it work.

FunWalker said...

What a great Tip!
I too have that flashing light telling me I need an oil change...but think it will need to be done before my ankle is ready to let me walk.