Monday, October 13, 2008

Personal Best

I envy the Zen guys, they can take any subject and explain anything about life with it. Although they usually meditate for a few years on it first. I'm not that good, but I just finished doing 6 hours of online human resources training for work, so I should have an empty mind anyway.

Seriously though our healthy living affects everything we do in our lives, I'm not talking just about the health benefits either, but our way of looking at things. You hear people say and we say ourselves, "Just do your best". We say it to our children our friends anyone getting ready to do something. Some days our best is better than other days. Sometimes we can fly effortlessly through a training walk or run and other days just moving forward can take everything we have to give. Everything we do is like that at times, we have super days and crappy days.

A Personal Best, is when we go a certain distance faster than ever before. We hope for that in our races and sometimes in our training when we are feeling really good. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we would strive for a Personal Best in everything we did? What would happen if when doing anything from working to taking a test to making love to our mate, we told ourselves I'm going to do the very best I can and mean it. How would our lives change if we really did try to give everything our best effort.

A Personal Best, isn't always possible. It depends on all the other things we have going on. How much sleep we got last night, how well we ate and how well hydrated we are. Even how much stress baggage we are carrying around effects us and our performance. But if we decided that we were going to give everything we did our best, then every thing would get the benefit of our best at the time.

We tell others often "Just do your best", we need to listen to our own advice. Ask yourself, "Is this the best I can do"? If it's not then pick up the pace of your effort. There is an old saying that water at 211 degrees is just hot water, but turn up the heat one more degree and it's boiling and the energy it puts out as steam is limitless power. What if we did that with our lives, turned up our heat just one more degree.

Next time you are doing something, ask yourself, is this the best I can do. The answer might surprise you.

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