Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bug Season

We are approaching the Flu season and lots of people are getting their shots. I don't get one myself but a lot of people who are exposed to lots of other people should. I work in an optical retail store so I'm in contact with a lot of people but I use a hand sanitizer after each patient.

I'm not a bugaholic but flu season got me thinking about how easy it is for us to pass and pick-up germs. Most Doctors will tell you that your best defence against the bugs is to wash your hands regularly. Problem is that we tend to touch a lot of things that could be germ carriers between hand washing. Like the little games, with golf tees, that you find at restraunts like Cracker Barrel. You sit there and play with those AFTER you have washed your hands then pick up your bread with your hands.

Another good defence against the seasons bugs is to eat properly. Make sure you are getting your vitamins and enough veggies and water. Eating healthy really can make a difference. Your body is amazing, but the bugs can attack any weaknesses. I wonder if anyone has ever done a study of how the Low Carb people are affected by seasonal viruses. I don't know but I'd guess that there defences are lowered by their diet.

I remember when the Low Carb craze started, there was a very heavy gentleman who worked where I was working at the time. He came in one morning with a big bag of meat and a George Forman Grill. He said "I know the secret to losing weight now". So for lunch that day he had 3 polish sausage, a huge burger patty and a wedge of lettuce. Then proceeded to preach the gospel of low carp to anyone who would listen. Before the week was out everyone, except me was grilling large quantities of meat for lunch. None of them lost any weight. But I have talked to several people who swear by the low carb diet.

Being in good physical condition can be your first line of defence, but a big caution here. After a race or extra long tough training walk/run your immune system is not as efficient. I have discussed this with some good Sports Doctors and their take is that your body is busy repairing the damage you did during the tough race and training. Make sure you take it easy for a couple of days after hard stuff and be extra diligent about the hand washing. Don't test the 5 second rule on the dropped cookie during this time.

Next time you do get a cold, look back at the week leading up to it and see if you can see where you were compromised and what lead to you getting sick. I haven't had a cold for a couple of years and I'm sure that the hygiene habits with the washing and the sanitizer along with eating properly and getting enough rest are the reason. Even though I interact with lots of people every day.

Live healthy and stay well this winter.

Well Panda

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