Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Everyone is Beautiful

Remember when you were very young in school, like elementary school young? The teacher would do projects with the kids to build their self awareness. They would have everyone write down what they liked about themselves and what they were good at. The idea was to make the kids realize that they all had good things about themselves and to be proud of themselves.

That is not a bad idea for us to do every once in a while. We tend to forget that all of us have more in the plus column than in the negative. We get hung up on the things about ourself that we believe over shadows everything else. Like carrying extra weight, we can get in the mind set that those pounds are what defines us. Or we don't wanna go out side because we think everyone else is prettier than we are and everyone will be staring at us.

Reality is that everyone has things they would like to change and some we can and some we can't. We can get healthier and shape and tone our bodies. We can if we have the money get a radical makeover with cosmetic surgery and taking away the pounds and changing the parts of us that we feel are imperfect. Which is funny because it's our differences that make us unique and interesting.

One of the things I really like about cyber communication is that you get to know the most important part of a person, their personality. There is no surgeon skilled enough to give a person a perfect personality. When you start from that base, then you can work on literally anything else. When someone meets my lady and I, they usually say, Erica is so adorable but that Dave, he just ain't right. Yep, I confess I'm a nut, certifiable and card carrying. I'm not even close to pretty but my co workers like to be around me because I'm told I'm fun. I'll accept that. I would love to be pretty to but you play the hand you are delt, right?

We all have skills that make us unique also, when we find something we are really good at we should nurture that. No matter if it's crafts, writing, drawing, reading ect.... Find something you like and build on that. Exercise is of course unique to each of us also. Find something that works for you. Running is a joy for some people but a horror for others, it can be a wonderfull experience for some or a sourse of constant pain for others. I was a runner for about 30 years and I was usually nursing something that hurt. Walking was for whusses, or at least I thought till I was forced into being a walker because of an injury. Now I look at walking as a kick butt way to intense competition. Your nitch may be weight training and shaping your body or yoga. You may find a bike fits you or you enjoy the freeform feel of swimming. Try lots of things and see what feels good.

Once you weld your already wonderfull personality to activities and skills that fit you, then the beauty is there. A strong healthy body is beautiful, so what if your nose is to big or your hair doesn't look like everyone elses, you are you and that is pretty special.

Thanks for reading.

Unique Panda

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