Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Motivation means different things to each of us. There are lots of creative ways to look at it and volumes have been written about it. None of that matters much if you are currently going through one of those periods in your life when temptation is strong and you are feeling weak against it.

One of the things that we have to decide is who we are accountable to. We all have a free will and the power to take our own path in life. But all of us have to decide who that is that we are going to be accountable to. Whether you believe in a higher power or just have your own morals we all have chosen some path to follow in living our lives.

When you make promises to ourselves we need to make that part of our morals. We resist temptation everyday because to give in would be to violate who you are and what we believe in. We wouldn't even think about committing a crime or hurting another person. We don't have a problem resisting stealing things that are left out in the open, we resist the temptation to say things that would be hurtful to another.

So why is it so hard to resist staying in bed for extra sleep when we know we need to get up and get our workout done? Why is it so hard to resist the high fat food that is brought to work, the donuts, the cakes the wonderfully high calorie food on pot luck day? Why can't we resist the late snack before bed?

It's easy to resist some things and hard to resist others because of the level of commitment we have. If you believe that you are violating what's right by giving in to a temptation then it's easy to resist. But if giving in is only breaking a promise to yourself then that seems so much cheaper than a commitment you made to follow the teachings of God and or the morals you were raised with.

If you make a healthy lifestyle a commitment and not an empty promise then you will empower yourself to resist. I don't think we were created to lead a lifestyle of gluttony and sitting around on our butts. The rewards are there for both. If you lead a lifestyle of giving in to the pleasures of the moment you reap the rewards from that or if you treat your body like it was a precious gift to you and make it strong and fit, then you reap the rewards from that.

We have wonderful bodies, but we only get one, I hate to be so simple but, what we put into it determines what we get back from it. Decide what you want from life and make a commitment to achieve your goals from that life. You are worth more than a haphazard attempt. You are worth that effort and that commitment.

Promises are like balloons they float away unless we tie them to something. Make you promise to lead a healthy lifestyle a commitment by tying it to something solid. Make it a commitment to be healthy because: You want to be a good parent and role model to your children, the best you can be for your spouse, find some reason that makes it more of a commitment than you just wanna look better.

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