Friday, October 31, 2008

How to catch a Cold

In a earlier post I talked about how a good healthy diet, exercise and a positive attitude along with being cautious would help keep you safe from illness. Well I tested that theory while I was on vacation. I did all the wrong things. I ate stuff I normally don't, I even had french fries with a double burger. I didn't sleep enouth and still tried to keep going at an insane pace all day. I had way to much beer, often. I seldom drink more than a beer after work once in a while. Last of all I spent a few days stressed out.

Well it worked, I caught a cold. This wasn't really a test but it turned out that way. Now I'm in getting over it mode. I haven't exercised since I realized I had the cold since I think that would just prolong it. My eating is back to healthy again and I'm getting more sleep.

In medicine if a person has a serious illness, a doctor will sometimes put the patient into a coma on purpose so the body can concentrate all it's energy into fighting the illness instead of the usual day to day duties.

This is the theory behind not exercising with a cold or other illness. If your body is having to repair the exercise damage and fight the cold it can't do either one as well. I think I can with stand a few days of rest better than I can stand a cold that lingers on for weeks. As it is the cold is 3 days old and I'm already feeling better.

As in all things I'll say I'll be smarter next time. I really intend to. But on the other hand a vacation is a break from the routine. Maybe I made to much of a break from the healthy lifestyle. I eat healthy for months and months and then for the 10 days of vacation I order the burger, the meatloaf and the ice cream. Erica was true to her veggie diet and even though she drank plenty of beer she remained healthy. She also got more sleep than I did.

So is there a connection between diet, exercise and getting plenty of sleep to keep from catching a cold? In my case it would appear so.

Thanks for reading.

Recovering Panda

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