Monday, September 15, 2008

Those of you who have known me for a long time know that I encourage people to think for themselves and not buy into all the hype out there about health and exercise. Companies pay athletes and celebs to promote their products. Their pills, their diets, their training methods, their supplements, and on and on and on.... They show an athlete that has not an oz of body fat and looking like a Mythical Greek God, these athletes will swear they got that body in 10 min a day 3 days a week and taking oil of salamender, or whatever they are paid to promote at the time.

Now there is magic but it's within each one of us. Let me ask a question. If you woke up tomorrow with Lance Armstrong's brain in your body, how long do you think Lance's brain would keep your body the way it is? He would probably start changing it that very day.

I firmly believe that we don't know a 100th of what knowledge there is to be learned about our selves. We are way to complicated. We are a darn good design, we have a hard time comprehending just how good it is. At one time and not to long ago either, people in the athletic world thought that running a 4 min mile was impossible. Then once someone did run a 4 min mile it wasn't long before lots of people were doing it. Now running a 4 min mile won't get you on cable news or even win you any races at the world class level. Heck good marathoners run almost that fast for the whole 26.2 miles.

So what changed? What changed is that once it was done people believed it could be done, so they did it to. When it was impossible no one did it because it was impossible. How much of health and fitness is like that. It's not rocket science either, it's BELIEF IN OURSELVES AND OUR ABILITIES!!! In the last Olympics, a Brazilian runner, named BOLT, was so much better than the rest of those world class runners he was competing against that it looked impossible. I bet Mr Bolt believed.

It's not a technology thing or a training method thing it's a belief thing. The people kicking butt in the endurance sport world are from the third world countries. They visualize themselves doing something and then go out and do it.

I'm conducting my own experiment of one. I have a lot of knowledge gained from experts in different medical and fitness professions, and a lot of knowledge gained from trial and error. I'm putting that all together and doing everything right. I warm-up before every work out, I cool down after. I cross train, I stretch and I eat properly.

I challenge everyone reading this to stop buying the hype and look over the smoke and mirrors. You can become healthier, stronger, faster and accomplish your goals, your dreams and your desires, by simply believing you can and then getting started doing it. Let's take the journey together.

Daring to dream Panda

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Sounds good to me Panda!