Saturday, September 27, 2008

Supplements = Chemicals for a better body?

I wanted to talk about my feelings on supplements. The supplement industry is a multi billion dollar business. I think personally that the person who said that "Americans have the most expensive urine in the world", was spot on.

To start with the supplement industry is UNREGULATED, that means there is no government agency that is making sure that what is supposed to be in the powder and pills is what they are claiming is in there. Just like we find out that the organic spring water in a lot of bottled water is good old city tap water.

I take a multi vitamin, because to start with the vitamin industry is regulated so there is a pretty good chance that they are in there. Most of us, myself included, don't eat the proper servings of fruit, veggies and protien that we are supposed to each day. So if I'm missing a level of some vitamin or mineral the multi should catch it.

I think we should get as much as possible in real food. Instead of protien power to build muscle, up your consumption of lean protien. Lean protien is like cuts of meat with all the fat trimmed off, chicken or fish. It's not cheeseburgers with extra bacon. To many people, especially those who think they are eating "Low Carp", think the fatty cuts of meat like bacon, hot dogs and hamburger are good healthy things to eat in large quantitys.

I will add a can of drained chunk white tuna to a veggie soup to up the protien, the tuna takes on the taste of what it's in so there is no fishy taste. A can of tuna, is something I can identify, a big scoup of powder is not. I don't care how many pictures of body beautiful are on the box, I don't trust the magic muscle powders. Call me dumb bunny but having a steroid pumped bodybuilder telling me how "clean living" and this powder made him a superman, is a little more than I can believe.

We go to doctors for a reason, to get their advice and the benefit of their knowledge. So if your doctor recommends a supplement for a medical need, like calcium or iron, then by all means follow his advice. I don't think you will find many doctors who will tell you to take protien powders or fat blockers or any of the other things like that. They will tell you to follow the American Heart Association guidelines for fat, complex carp and protien.

Now why if your doctor doesn't recommend you take these supplements should we believe the commercials, guys they LIE to us on those commercials. My personal advice to anyone who asks is to have a physical by your doctor, if you are deficient in anything he will tell you and you can fix it. Take a vitamin, it's cheap insurance against making sure you are not missing anything. Get your protien from real food not chemicals.

Thank you for reading.

Clean Panda

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