Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breaking the habit cycle.

A lot of the things we want to change are difficult to change because they have become habits and if we don't keep our focus we will automaticly do them. Most smokers don't have to put any concious thought into lighting up. You walk out of a building and you automaticly lite up. You sit down with your morning coffee and you, without thought, lite up. It goes on without you having to give it any thought at all, like breathing you just do it.

Hopefully no one reading this still smokes, if you do contact me so we can work on that, but a big problem "Habit", most of us have is snacking late in the evening. Usually the snacking we do is not of the healthiest kind either and we really don't give it concious thought either.

The first thing about taking on a habit is admitting to yourself that you have a problem you need to work on. Then work on breaking the easy snacking cycle. Don't have the grab and eat stuff laying around, so if you eat you have to fix something. You will often decide your not really hungry after all if you have to prepare your snack. So if you want a snack with calories you have to fix something.

Keep stuff like fresh raw veggies around that are already cut up into easy eating bites and stored in individual servings. That way if you want a grab and eat snack it will be something like a fresh tomato and cucumber salad, or small salad of lettuce and tomato. A serving of crisp carrots is good also with a little salt. Veggies like this can give you something to snack on without adding calories, since a lot of veggies take more calories to eat than they provide.

Another way to break the plop down on the couch and eat cycle is to do something else during that time. If it's because a favorite TV show is on how about getting on the floor in front of the TV and do a good stretching routine while you watch. If it's not a show you want to watch, a hot tub bath might be an option instead. A good soak with just candle light could be just the ticket to relax your stressed body after a hard day.

A cup of hot caffine free tea and a good book while soaking is also a good way to relax. But the idea is to find something plesant to replace the "food craving". Even going to bed early can give you a much needed energy boost for the next day.

Thanks for reading.

Leaner Panda

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