Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello fellow and future walkers. Welcome to my world.

Since this is my first ever journey into Bloggdom, I'll start with some advice of getting your first pair of real deal walking shoes.

Go to a running store where they actually have the knowledge to fit you with the proper shoes. They will watch you walk and maybe even put you on a treadmill, then they will recommend a type of shoe. The shoes come in several types, cushioned neutral, motion control and stability. When they have a type and size recommendation then ask to see everything they have that fits your category. Try on every single one and walk some in each, narrow it down to 2 favorites. If you can afford it buy both, if not buy the one you like best and write the other one down.

Once you have your shoe/shoes you can take them home and over the next few weeks hopefully bond with them. If they are "The" shoes then your next pair you can shop for on line and save a bit, but if they are discontinued start over again with the running store. At least once a year visit the running store and have your walk/gait looked a again, you can change based on the new muscle you have built and the weight you have lost. Your foot can change sizes for the same reason.

Helpful Panda

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