Friday, September 26, 2008

Be Your Biggest Fan.

No matter what you do in your life, liking yourself is the first step to success. In love, in work and even in play, you have to be your own cheerleader first. It's not enouth for friends and loved ones to be shouting "You can do it" from the side lines, you have to be saying it yourself.

One of the ways you can be your cheerleader is to have some good mantras for when you are doing your exerciseing or racing. A mantra is a word or phrase that helps you focus your mind and body on the task at hand. It has to have meaning for you and be a call to that inner part of you that will never be tamed.

I have gone through several in the 7 years since I have been back to exercising. Duing the time I was getting started back it was "I can do this". Then after I got hurt, achillies tear and was trying to keep going, it was "Relentless forward motion". Then after I changed from running to racewalking and realized I had a little talent for it, I was racing with the best walkers in the area. I didn't pick up a new battle phrase till I went to the state games and was belittled by the "real" racewalkers for being a self taught newbe in over his head. My call of power was, "I belong".

Then I went through a year of coasting, just doing a lot distance after the National Senior Games. I did the Goofy Chalenge at DisneyWorld and had to nurse my injured achillies for a couple of months. When my achillies was ready for trainng again, I decided it was time to rebuild my training program, that's when I started the doing everything right workouts. My new mantra became (From Saving Private Ryan), "Earn this". That is what I've done for six months, I have been paying my dues and earning it. My times are better than ever and I can see progress every few days in strength and lower heart rates.

When you pick your mantra to carry you over rough spots and focus your power, pick something that means something. If your motivation is a better body for your spouse then as you need that extra something for a hill or a really hot day a phrase like "For You (insert spouse's name)". If it's to be an example to your friends or co workers insert their names. What you choose has to be something that is special and powerfull for you.

What ever you pick, remember you have more to you than you or anyone else can possiblely imagine, never ever think otherwise. Don't be one of those people who sit around in a group and whine about life and talk about someone else. Be with people who are "UP" and positive. Be one of those "UP" people yourself. Be your own biggest fan, because you are what's happening, you are not getting older you are getting better.

Thanks for reading.

Daring to dream Panda

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