Monday, September 8, 2008

Good morning walkers.

I was thinking while working out this morning, (yep here it comes, so run while you can), about how cheaply we sell our self respect and our health. We set goals and make resolutions and then we cheat on our selves. We sell our self respect for a few seconds of sweet taste or high fat. We exercise and work off 500 calories and then crave a 1000 calorie taste treat.

Selling out your goals for a treat is cheating. There is a line from a country song, "You get stronger every time you don't give in". That is ever so true, resisting temptation is rewarded with a stronger mind and body. Next time you are battling with your willpower over a treat, think "are you selling yourself to cheap, is your self respect worth more then a bag of chips".

There is Tim McGraw song, "How bad do you want it", one of my favorites, that is also good to listen to every now and then. Sometimes we forget what is important to us, we slip and then regret it later after we have given in. When we make goals we need to make them commitments as well.

When you chose to be in control of your life and your choices you rise to a new level. You rise above the petty things you allowed to be in control before. You earn the changes you want, not just in your body but in your self respect and your happiness.

Make today a turning point, chose to be the master of your own life and not just the helpless slave bounced from temptation to temptation. Make today your independence day.

Positive Panda

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