Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not much time today since I had to mow the yard after my workout. One of my resolutions this year was to do more things manually, so the riding mower sits in the garage while I push the power mower around. This gives me an extra workout and is great for the achillies tendons and the calves.

We can train our Brain Power just as we train our muscles. Our clue that it's time to up the weight on the mental bar is when we are bored. Ever notice that when you first start doing puzzles or play pretty simple games that you have to keep getting more and more challenging ones or you become bored with it? Just like if you lift weights if you do the same weight every day you will quickly get to where it's no challenge and you either increase the weight or you will quickly become tired of it and quit.

Your mom was spot on with telling you to read something every day. I think you should take that one step further and not only read something every day but write something also. A training log, a diary or even an internet forum is good for your creativity and exercise for your brain.

This is also a good reason to do races or at least group activities. If you run/walk at the same pace and distance everyday, you will become bored with it and even if you don't quit you don't enjoy it much anymore. You need to keep your exercise time fresh and challenging, with speed play, a training partner or at least a change of views. I love walking and often must exercise alone. On those days an MP3 with some good kickin tunes helps a lot.

The days that my lady and I can do our LSD (Long Slow Distance) together are the best of days. We have good conversations but sometimes we both just get lost in our music and take comfort from being close. Try walking with your special other and you will be hooked.

Walking Panda

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