Friday, March 6, 2009

Warm Weather Finally.

This morning I went to my health club and had planned on doing 3 miles on the treadmill, since it was 5am and to dark for walking on the streets, then doing sprints in the pool. Well normally the pool is pretty crowded at 5am but this morning it was deserted. So I decided to just do the pool since I could get the 5 foot deep lane that I prefer. I quickly changed before anyone else could get there and went over and jumped in. I immediately realized why there was no crowd, the normally heated to 82 degrees water was freezing. I found out after that they had to drain and refill and the pool hadn't had time to heat back up. I'm the worlds worse weather whuss but I was there and darn it I was going to try to get my workout in. After a couple of laps it was very standable and after a few more actually quite pleasent.

I have never done an ice bath but during the summer when the weather is beastly hot I often talk myself into holding a hard pace longer with the promise of the cool pool after I'm done. Even at 82 degrees it feels cool when it's 90s with high humidity outside. I treat myself to that after walk swim often in the hot summer.

Even though I had already worked out in the pool, after a couple of hours the day warmed to 67 degrees and I couldn't resist a walk. It was double interesting since we had brisk winds to go with the warm temperatures. I had to wear a long sleeve tech shirt since it was cool with the wind chill. When I just walk outside I usually do the first mile at a easy pace of 14 to 15 min to warm up and then increase the pace after I'm loose and sweating. Today the cruise pace was just below 12 mpm. I was good with that since I really didn't expect to have a lot of energy after the good pool workout. I plan on doing a lot of double workouts this year while training for the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge.

On the way home from the walk I decided today should be a veggie day so I stopped on the way home for fresh salad fixings. Ended up with a very good combination although a tad odd:

Fresh Spinach
Walnut halves
dried cranberries
fresh sliced mushrooms
black olives
shredded cheddar cheese
Topped with a few shots of Newman's Own Raspberry salad spray.

The salad and some baked potato and onion perogies mad a great low fat high energy dinner. I've been experimenting with making quick healthy meals like that. I do way to much processed "Healthy" dinners. Lots of things like soy burgers that I can heat in the micro wave and put on a bagel or a canned soup.

Thanks for reading.

Tired Panda

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