Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Slimming

I woke up this morning with renewed motivation to get the weight off I've put on this winter. I've been working out and eating healthy, just eating to much. This happens to me in the winter I feel starved all the time and generally put on a dew pounds. I currently weigh 174.2, for my height 5'10" that's not to bad but I race better at 160, so today starts a new mission for power panda; lose the 14.2 lbs.

Losing weight for me has to be a mind set that I stay in 24/7. I tend to feel starved in the winter time, I guess it's from being cooped up inside. I eat healthy but even eating a proper diet doesn't help if you feel like a starved shark all the time.

I will of course continue to eat a good breakfast, whole grain cereal, banana and skim milk, coffee and a vitamin. That is the only part of my eating day that will not change. The problem has been portion size. One of the voices of the past Jack Lalanne, I hope I spelled his name right, would eat one meal a day made up of sliced fresh veggies. He is still a workout machine and going on 90. He is the guy that celebrated his 65th birthday by towing a chain of 65 row boats for a mile, not the easiest way to swim a mile.

I'm also of course increasing both the duration and the intensity of my workouts. A couple of days each week I'll be doing doubles and everyday I'm going to do more motion and less sitting on my butt typing on this laptop. I'll still keep up the blog and working with friends preparing for their first marathon but cutting down on the chit chat.

Time to practice what I preach and get my own house in order here. As we used to say in the military, "You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk.

Thanks for reading.

Power Panda

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