Monday, March 16, 2009

Life and Times

I have been slack on posting here the last week. I've had some family issues and some motivation problems. We had a few days of nice spring weather and then the bottom fell out, we had the biggest snow of the last 10 years and then pouring rain everyday. That alone can take a toll on you. Add to that your grown child being just world class stupid and you have an interesting week.

Finally got back to the gym this morning and even though it was raining out I had a great workout on the treadmill. Tried one of my new ideas today and it went pretty well. What I did was to warm up for 3 miles and then do quarters starting with the speed at 7 mph and ending the quarter at 5 mph. I did 2 miles of that and loved it. Putting the speed at 7 mph, 8:34 mpm, makes you get your feet moving to keep up. After that pace the 5 mph, 12 mpm, felt like plodding along. That is the fastest pace I have walked and my target for this year. I want to do a full mile at that pace.

Followed that up with an hour of house work so that gave me a chance to keep moving so I wouldn't stiffen up from going faster than normal. I'm feeling it now though. I felt rewarded when after I was all done the sun finally came out. It's forecasted to stay that way so I should be able to play outside tomorrow. One day soon I need to start the speed intervals outside since they feel much different form the treadmill. The treadmill you just hang on but when you are on pavement you have to generate the speed.

Thanks for reading.

Training Panda


sweetsue said...

How you walked that fast is beyond me..but is something to set a goal for..

denise said...

Dave. I understand about life and kids. I also know that for me, if I have a no workout week, it's my mind and body telling me that you need a rest - other things need tending to.

While I have not worked out that much since the 1/2 in January I gave myself permission to stop for a bit, with only a little nagging in my ear. A tease of walking came back to me in Disneyworld a couple of weeks ago, now that the roads are clear in NH there is no excuse and my 2 days of walking is making me feel alive again, either that or I have spring fever. Since you've had some snow, you know what we have to deal with on a weekly basis during the last 120 days. I guess I was in a bigger funk than I thought.

Kids, things will be going along swimmingly and then poof, they drive you crazy or to a glass of wine. Such is life.

My best to you and Erica and hope that your next few weeks are stress free. At least until the other shoe drops - because it always does.