Saturday, July 18, 2009

Set standards.

When we join a company we agree to adhere to their standards. When we belong to a religion we agree to follow the teaching that faith is based on. When we are part of a society we agree to obey that nations standards or face punishment. Why then can't we make that same kind of commitment to our own lives.

We can set standards to live by. We can agree not to smoke, not to eat deep fried food and on and on. Sit down with a tablet and pencil or your word processor and write out your own standards. Write down what you will not do, like eating a high fat snack after 8pm, get it down and be specific. Put it down on paper so you can see it. Imagine you are starting your own nation or company, write out the rules.

Then after you have written out your "Will not do" list, then work on your "Will do" list. Once again be specific. "I will be a positive example in what I do, If what I'm getting ready to do is not something I would want my children to do, I won't do it".

Once you have your lists of standards to live by, then work out a punishment and reward program. Things like if I resist a piece of cake at work I can buy a small gift for myself when I get off. Or I ate that piece of cake at work, I knew it was the wrong thing to do and as punishment I can't watch my favorite TV program tonight when I get home.

When you do a full week of living by your listed standards then reward yourself with a larger gift, like a date night with your spouse. Or punish yourself by being weak by scheduling a clean the closets or drawers in the kitchen night instead.

The whole idea here is not to treat yourself like a 10 year old but to stop doing the things that sabotage your best health and fitness efforts. It's a way to at least make yourself realize that you are doing something you promised yourself you wouldn't and maybe not do it the next time because of feeling guilty.

Be master of your actions and be your own example that you can control of your life.

Rambling Panda

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