Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harness the Power

All of us have a limited but immensely powerful resource. The power of our own mind. Has this ever happened to you? You are worried for days about something and it gets so overwhelming that it finally makes you sick? A big part of a wellness lifestyle is keeping your mental energy in control.

I know what you are thinking, no I'm not full of Panda Poo. You do really have the ability to use your power to make everything in your life better, yep you do. To start with you have to believe that no matter what is going on with you, it has a fix and it has an end. I know that can be very hard to believe but it's true.

When you have issues that are using up all your energy you have to take some back and the quicker the better. Also your mind is like a battery and needs to be recharged regularly. Today, do this: Ask yourself this question, is there anything I can do today, right now, this minute to fix my problem? If the answer is no then do this: Make a agreement with yourself that since you can't do anything about your problem right now, "I won't think about it for the rest of the day". "I'm going to do something that makes me feel good". I'm going to make love, I'm going to eat my favorite dinner tonight, I'm going to the park and take a long walk with my iPod....

Do something that makes you feel good and stop punishing yourself for the situation. Your not a bad person so stop the punishment. Let your heart and mind recharge for a little while. Unless you have a bear on your tail you probably have some wiggle room to clear your thoughts for a while. Once you do feel better then try to look at your situation as though it is someone else in the hot seat not you. Usually there is, it's your spouse who is going through it also. If so then include them in the advice above, take them to that dinner or whatever you decided to do.

Ask for help, if you can't look at something from an outside prospective. If it's job, or lack of it, related go to your local unemployment office and ask for an appointment with a counsellor, you are not an expert they are. I'm doing a job I love because someone else suggested it, the thought of becoming an optician never crossed my mind till the opportunity presented it's self.

If your concern is family related and you follow a religion ask for an appointment with your pastor or priest, they are trained counsellors. They and the unemployment counsellors are free assets by the way. What ever it is, if it's getting bigger than you then ask for help.

Keep yourself recharged. Lots of things will drain our energy fast. Fighting with your spouse, your friends, co workers and family are all horrible drains on our energy. One of the hardest things to do is forgive and put it behind you, but it's necessary to live. Especially important is to forgive yourself, if you have caused the situation you are in then remember you are a good person, you made some errors in judgement or actions and get it behind you. It will eat at you till you do.

I'm going through that right now, as a man who feels he failed as a parent because his child didn't turn out the way he wanted. I'm trying to practice what I preach and I have to admit that once I stopped trying to fix blame and look at solutions it's getting better. The alternative was to lose not only my child in my life but my lady as well.

When things get overwhelming, use your power to make it better, not to make yourself suffer.

Thanks for reading.

Rambling Panda

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