Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mad Panda Grrrrrrr!

I know this isn't really a wellness post but in a way it is to. Part of being free and dealing with stress is to speak your mind. I'm thinking that poor Bankrupt Las Angles Calif shouldn't be footing the bill for all the crowd and traffic control for the Michael Jackson memorial and funeral. If you put on a race that isn't for a charity you usually have to pay for the police that are required to control traffic for your race. The news announcer said that is would require millions of dollars of overtime pay and take police officers away from the jobs they need to be doing. Jobs like protecting the citizens.

The city did put out a web site with a plea for donations to help with the cost. Hummm, the Jackson estate is worth over half a BILLION dollars, why the heck is that cost not coming from the Jackson estate.

I'm sure that the laid off city and state government workers who are losing their homes and life savings will understand that this is more important than them. Grrrrrrrr! They are going to have elephants there for Gods sake. This is a circus and a prime example of what's wrong with our country.

I have sent emails to Obama, my congressman and to Arnold. I'm just one old fellow with an attitude, but if enough people agree with me there may be hope for us yet.

Thanks for letting the Panda vent.

Mad Panda

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Anonymous said...

My DH is a local officer in Greer, SC. Little town, decent sized budget. The city council and administrator decided to make all the city employees take 3 days of furlough (unpaid leave) before the end of the year to help the city's budget. Within 2 months of asking this they threw a 4th of july party which included 6 concerts, a park full of bouncy gyms and arts/crafts for the kids, and a huge fireworks display. They also required each officer that wasn't scheduled to be there for a 4 hour shift for COMP-TIME (that means that 4 hours will not show up on their paycheck! It will be given to them as time off from their regular scheduled days IF there are enough people there to fill the shift. DH's shift is already 2 short! So he won't be taking comp-time. And you lose it if it's not taken within 90 days) But here's the kicker...the city also supplied and city employee that attended free food and alcohol...all you can eat, all you can drink! The shindig cost the city $50,000!!! They could have left the employees alone and let the guests go 10 miles away to the fireworks in the 2 neighboring cities.