Monday, July 6, 2009

Make each day count!

Every day that we do nothing but work, eat, watch TV or get on the computer is a day we have let get away. Think back the last few weeks can you remember something you did on each of those days that was, fun or exciting or interesting or even scary? We as civilized people have largely given up our physical life, everything now is geared for mental. When we go to work our bodies are just a case to take our brain to work, we do nothing really physical.

When the computer showed up on desks we no longer even had to get up to go to a file cabinet. Heck we don't even have to get up to change our TV channels. Every generation is required to move less and less to live. But is that living? Is our body becoming obsolete? Not no but HELL NO it's not!

If we want to just go through the motions of being alive, just exist, then we can pretty much do without our bodies, it just has to take us to the car and in and out of buildings. But there are several things wrong with this. First it's not living it's existing. We need to move, we need to have our body strong. Everything we do from making love to playing in the park with the kids to competing in sports requires a strong healthy body.

Our health is up to us, we have a lot better chance of fighting off every disease and condition that can afflict us if we are strong and healthy. We have a lot less chance of getting the bad stuff to begin with if we are active and healthy. If we all ate better and exercised more and had a more interesting, fun life we would pretty much see the end of everything from type 2 diabetes to depression.

Most of the people who read this have already bought into the need for a healthy life style but we all need to help the people we care about get involved. Plan family trips to places where you can hike and play and and have fun in motion.

Thanks for reading.

Healthy Living Panda

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