Friday, December 5, 2008

Healthy Living in the Modern World

Right now in our world it seems that every day the news is bleaker and bleaker. The economy is so bad that you wonder what the heck happened, don't we have people monitoring that? Our American car companies are on the verge of going under, which they deserve but the effect on the job market will be catastrophic. So many industries support the making and maintaining of the cars. The stock market is no place for the squeamish and easily frightened.

So just what does one do to survive, let alone live healthy and in harmony with the world right now? I'm not an expert on anything but I have been on the planet for a long time and have seen good times and bad.

The first thing to remember is the world will not come to an end and we we will not see the developed world slip back into the days of terror that we had in the middle ages. But some things do have to change and that change is going to happen. We have lived a life of plenty which in it's self is a good thing, but taken to excess is not. We as a developed world eat to much and live as though thumbing our nose at health problems.

When we can all start living more healthily we won't have a health care crisis. The system is clogged by people with self inflected injury and disease. Smoking, eating a high fat diet and not exercising WILL lead to poor health. I live in a state with the highest rate of obesity and heart disease in the nation. Most of my high school graduating class are dead. I'm 57 and have nothing wrong with me, I take no meds and need no health care intervention. I feel 20 and have much more energy than anyone I work with, even though many are half my age.

Another thing to think about is having a job that is ression proof or layoff proof. Start thinking about what you would do if you were to find out your job was going away. Start planning for that day by putting a little extra money away and learning what you would need to find another job. Even if you stay in the same field, know what you need to do to get another job. Get a resume ready now and plan where you will send it. If your business were to close and there were 100 people there that did what you do all are going to start job hunting as soon as the shock wears off. But if your resumes go out on day one when everyone else is still recovering from the shock your chance of getting an interview is better. Once all the other resumes are received the new employers may not even bother to read all of them.

If you are in a good recession proof job, plan for the future anyway. Have some savings, even if you have to cut back on something. Don't get to far in debt to have stuff. If your employer offers a 401K where they match your contributions, do it or you are throwing that RAISE away. If extra training and certifications makes you more valuable then get them. There are loads of ways now to get higher education without having to go full time.

Take vacations. Some European countries make their workers go on holiday where in the US we often are encouraged to sell back our vacation time instead of taking it. Getting away is a wonderful way to stay sane. Even if you spend the week sitting in your plastic wading pool in the back yard, you need the break.

Of course keeping your guilt level down by eating properly and exercising regularly will help you feel good in your skin.

Thanks for reading.

Healthy Panda

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