Saturday, December 20, 2008


There is a saying that heroes arise when a hero is needed. There is a lot of truth in that. Many many people who don't realize they are heroes are rising to the challenge every day. A hero doesn't have to slay a dragon or save the world to be courageous. It takes courage beyond the imagination to keep going some days. I want to take an opportunity today to recognise and thank some of my heroes today.

Teachers: It takes courage and dedication to walk into that classroom day after day. It's not even close to easy for them to make each day interesting and positive. But what they do is so very important.

Parents: Theirs is the challenge of molding the future. They are the first and most important step in making their children an asset to the world. They can never let up on their task no matter how difficult it becomes.

Police and Fireman: When events are out of control they go right into it. I often wonder when I see a police car fly by me with it's lights and siren going, what dangers they are responding to. They don't have time to think about, they just go.

Nurses: Our nurses are the ones who are with us when we are the most scared. The good ones are battling at our side against whatever has happened to us. I live with a nurse and she often comes home drained, having given all she had to give and more.

Military: The men and women of our armed forces are heroes just for making the commitment to serve.

The Adult Athletes I have the privilege to talk with everyday: Living a healthy lifestyle and being an example to others it often hard. I know how hard it is to keep on keeping on, I've been there to and respect the courage it takes. It's so easy to slip back into the comfortable good life and let the pounds add up. Sometimes when it seems that no one else cares, you have to stay strong and be your own hero, when you need a champion.

Thanks for reading.

Humble Panda

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